Welcome to Vara De Rey 22


Situated in the heart of Ibiza town, the elegant 22 Vara De Rey provides specialist dental treatment and medical aesthetic treatment.


Emergency appointments available

We offer an international standard of care, tailored to your individual needs, provided by highly trained and experienced specialists.

We take time to get to know our clients, to fully understand your concerns and goals through an in-depth consultation, ensuring you are confident with your treatment choice and procedure.






How are we different?

Privacy and Discretion

You can rest assured that privacy is our top priority.
Encompassing the Data Protection Act and more, we guarantee your private information is safe both in the o
ffice and online.

Our entrance on the Vara de Rey protects your anonymity, and our appointment times are purposefully well spaced to avoid any crossover.

Our clinic provides the best for your wants and needs.
Your comfort, and ability to relax in a safe space, is paramount to us. We listen and advise with the aim of providing the highest level of care.

Why see a Specialist?

You want something done once, and done well.
Choose a Specialist for their advanced education and training, efficiency, and overall expertise with advanced technology. Rigorous training and experience means both of our specialists have an exceptional understanding of the dynamics of your smile, and the preservation of your health.

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